Saturday, July 13, 2013

Coasta Brava / Nerja

The walkway to the Balcony of Europe

Delightful out door patio by our hotel

Archway leading to the steps to the beach

Ed Marie Cindi and David posing on the balcony.

Past the restaurant  cut into the cliff and then on to the beach

The little villas back in the mountains

We find home sweet home - well almost -

Village streets - all white - nestled in the mountains

Inside the ROCK

This is an active cave inside the ROCK

This one of the big guns inside Gibraltar.
During WWII there were more people living inside the mountain
than outside. About Thirty Thousand. There are thirty miles of tunnels
inside but only a few are available for tourists.
Bought some Gibraltar stamps and mailed them to myself for Bobby Rainwater

Streets of Gibraltar

On the way home! Gibraltar was very interesting~~~


view from back side of the rock

Monkeys were all over

you have to climb to the top from here.

Always eating

Approaching the ROCK!

I love the hat

Interesting formation and a great view!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

The last of Tangires

silk shop

lots of hand work

beggars in the allyways

Guys playing PARCHESSIE!!!!! in the cafe we waited in front of

the port

got home safe from Tangiers

I liked the hat I bought

Street out of order

Tangires lunch and shopping?

you have to be careful where you eat here so the guide took us to this nice resturant
with ambience

I really liked this musician

i liked the rug but not for $3500

resting and watching the people

trying on hats - didn't buy this one

cute couple at lunch

old man Ed actually enjoyed the meal

Tangiers markets and guide

I tried but my leg got caught and my titanium hip screamed  so they got me off quick!

Market square

everything fresh

/////very fresh

very very fresh

Marie Cindi David and our guide
sorry about the double selection of the same pics


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