Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Thank Yon for the pics.
We love them all and it is good to see the cousins playing together.
And Ainsley's first hair cut.
Love to all - Grand pa Ginn

Monday, March 29, 2010


The Nathan Ginn Family is in Utah this week and spent the entire day with the Bobby Ginn Family. Everyone had a great time. IN N OUT! Cousins! Hair Cuts....It was a good party.
Thanks Nathan and Brandi for hanging with us we had a great time.


Natalie and Lauren
Brinley and Milena playing 2 square.
Ainsley so Happy
Nathan and the kids Cruisn'
Lauren learning NASCAR

Ainsley and Lauren HUGS


Landon cruisn with uncle Nate and the chicks!!!

Ainsley 1st Haircut


Looking up into the sky wondering if Gma could see the same blue sky????

Nathan(41) and Bobby(39)

Sunday, March 14, 2010

March 2010 with Ed and Marie

It is a small world Ainsley, Marie and Ed

Ainsley Ginn with Marie's sun glasses

Nathan, Brinley and Alexa waiting for the rest
of us

Alexa, Natalie and Brinley in the boat as we enter
the small world ride

Ainsley Ginn on the table and happy!

Alexa, Brandi and Nathan Ginn- where to next?

Ed Ginn (grand-pa) pushing Alexa and Natalie.
The wheel chair was was to be for me but sometimes
I enjoyed pushing the girls.

Brinley, Brandi, Natalie, Alexa and Nathan petting
the sharks, rays and skates. It was nice seeing them
together as a family.

Ainsley in her sad face on the table. The noise level was
very high and good!

Marie's three Webelos - the 2 non members are
the ones in uniform! Somethings never change
in the church!

Jeffery Jon Ginn at Stacia's baptism on Saturday
the 6th of March 2010. He turned 33 two days
later. Bobby- the proud father in the background.

Milena, Stacia and Lauren posing for pre-baptism

Stacia and Milena dancing.

Landon with his Mc Donald's kids meal prize.
Supposed to be a hand held computer.

Bobby, Marion (Real Estate agent) looking at
Corian samples for the 55+ community we wanted to
move to but when we got home we did the numbers
and realized we can't afford it.

The Hillman crew visited with us while we were
in Lehi for Stacia's baptism.

Jeff after a late night out - sleeps on the couch at Bobbys'.
Bobby add strawberry short cake back in - I accidently deleted her

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Why don't you blog anymore? We miss keeping up with everyone.

Joc...Cassy...Nate....Cindi.. Pictures and stories please.
Ed ..we are all waiting for a pic or 2 from Nathans trip to cali.

So now...catching up with the BGINN Fam.

Jeff got older March 8th I dont even know how old he is... 30 something

Lauren is 2 1/2

Milli with her Joyschool friends

The clan at Statias Baptism March 6th, 2010

I guess 8 is now the old 12..... (Cindi had to wait til she was 12) Stacia put metal through her ears at 8.

Valentines Day 2010 Steak and Fondu

The kids love playing with Uncle Wade

Gina and Amanda pigging out. What Hotties!


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